Computer Vision for X-ray Testing

... by Domingo Mery. Published by Springer in July 2015.

Here are some videos that show some computer vision techniques that we implemented in X-ray Testing applications.

DETECTION IN COMPLEX OBJECTS USING X-RAY TESTING. We developed a system that is able to detect parts of interest inside of a complex object using multiple X-ray views. In this video we show how to detect all objects of this pen case in only 6 seconds.



AUTOMATED DETECTION OF FISHBONES IN SALMON FILETES: X-ray testing is playing an increasingly important role in quality assurance of foods. We developed an X-ray machine vision approach to detect fishbones in fishfillets automatically. In the experiments, we used a high resolution flat panel detector that is able to take up to 6 millions pixels digital X-ray image. In only two seconds we are able to detect 95% of the fishbones automatically using 24 features and support vector machines. We believe that the proposed approach opens new possibilities in the field of automated visual inspection of fish.