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Computer Vision Course - Fall Semester 2014



In this directory you can find the Matlab codes, images and data that I use in my classes. Many examples use Balu, and VLfeat (general Matlab Toolboxes for image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision), that can be downloaded for free for educational and research purposes only. For those that do not have any expierence with Matlab, it is highly recommended to watch this good colection of tutorial videos. For those that want to have access to Matlab, please follow these instructions:  


ND students can download and install Matlab from the OIT website.

Matlab is installed on any Linux machine that mounts AFS, which is all the CSE machines, and all the Engineering machines, so anyone using those has access.

Matlab is installed on the Windows machines in the campus computer labs (DeBartolo, the Library, etc.). The Engineering Windows machines maintained by ESC should have Matlab on them.